New Normal Solutions is a fast-growing consultancy company specialising in business strategy, coaching, leadership, mentoring and advisory services. We provide a wide range of services to suit from new start-ups to medium sized enterprises

The journey to recovery and reinvention

All businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, with varying levels of severity. Some have more robust defenses, whilst others will struggle in returning to a continually moving normal

Today's businesses are faced with overwhelming competitive challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the consequences of the pandemic

In these uncertain times, companies must sense and respond quickly to financial uncertainty. To this end, we’ve designed services that support companies to emerge from the disruption, stronger than before

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Creation of a Covid rebound strategy

Re-energize the organization—to act rather than react

Even as the pandemic remains creating a world of uncertainty, the goal must be to rebuild for the longer term

We work with business owners and companies of all shapes and sizes from different industry sectors to grow and develop their companies

  • Develop growth strategies that assist clients to deliver real results
  • Develop fit for purpose operating models
  • Help organizations gain and retain a competitive edge
  • Stabilize to support immediate needs
  • Future planning
  • Re-image and unlock value
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Leadership and Management Coaching

Maximise value in your current business

Coaching is an ongoing professional involvement that benefits people through creation of exceptional results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations

We work with top executives, business owners, managers and individuals helping them make more concrete decisions, turn their decisions into actions, and produce the sustainable success they want

  • Provide teams and individuals with critical skills to accelerate business performance
  • Enable definition and execution of strategies and tactics that are more effective and sustainable
  • Facilitate management teams to develop and implement COVID Rebound Strategies
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Business Mentoring and Advisory

Building resilience throughout the organisation providing a cushion for further setbacks

The mentor and advisory program designed to support business owners and individuals to upskill and aid in decision making

We work with leaders and businesses to release their power and reach their full potential helping them accomplish their most important business and personal goals and needs

  • Approaches for reinventing oneself within new challenges or opportunities
  • Strengthening internal support and capabilities
  • Improving teams’ abilities to execute cross-functionally
  • Promoting personal development of people well versed technical skills but requiring extra assistance in other areas of skill or expertise
  • Strengthening organizations in times of change
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